Friday, January 27, 2017

The Creation Station!

Our class has begun a new choice time center, the Creation Station! Here, our young engineers can use found open- ended materials and use their imaginations to create. 

 First, students explore the possible materials in the Creation Station bin. We've collected objects for reuse from around our school and at home. They imagine what it could be, and think about what they want to make. 

 Next, students think about what other tools and materials they may need. Glue, tape, scissors and string are all available for independent use. Going through this process allows students to experience trial and error along the way. Students can be encouraged to brainstorm new ways to try it by talking through problems with teachers and peers. 
Sketching and writing about our ideas can help us as well. Here, a student made a phone using a tube, string and small cups.  

Lastly, students share their creations with the class and we display them before taking them home. Students can choose to work at this center for an extended period of time. On the right, a student made a rocket with a detailed sketch. Another student made a parachute! So, let's use our imaginations! What can you create?

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