Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Day at the Garden

  Last week our class visited the Queens Botanical Garden to learn and observe trees in the Fall.  We observed different kinds of trees and their leaves. Some have pine needles. These trees do not lose their leaves in the Fall.

We saw many different kinds of leaves and observed different sizes, shapes and colors. We collected the leaves for a special project.
We also took a break to look into the pond at the Garden to observe the fish!
Last, we made beautiful artwork out of the leaves we collected to bring home. What changes do you see around you in the Fall?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Making Muffins

 Our class wanted to make a special treat for our Thanksgiving Feast this week. We decided together that we were going to make chocolate chip muffins. First we looked at the recipe together and made a list of the ingredients we would need. The students helped me to write the shopping list. We needed flour, sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, milk, vegetable oil, salt and baking soda. We also would need a big mixing bow, a spatula and a muffin tin with paper cups. 

   During choice time, the students helped to make small batches of muffins. We mixed the dry ingredients together with the eggs, milk and oil. Everyone helped to mix and pour the batter into the cups. It smelled so good while it was baking! Then,  we were able to enjoy our muffins for dessert at our Thanksgiving Feast!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Toys, Toys, Toys!

 Our class recently has been showing interest in talking about the toys they have at home- so we decided to have a special day to share our favorite toys! We started off our day with a toy "show and tell", where students were able to share their favorite toys from home, and students could ask their friends questions about the toy, or show us how the toy works. Our class was very engaged in listening to our friends talk about their toys.
    Next we did detailed sketches of our toys and some were able to include labels and words too!
Later in the day we organized our toys into like groups and we discovered that we had many stuffed animals, action figures, dolls and vehicles, We made a large visual tree map of our toys.
It was an exciting day for all!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Building" Our Communication

 This week in Choice Time, we worked on using building materials together and practicing our communication with our group members.

  Students used Magna- tiles (magnetic colorful translucent tiles) to create a castle together.


     In the block center, students spent several days sharing, planning and creating a city. After the students felt the city was completed, we took pictures and they sketched what they made using paper and clipboards. each day, we did a Choice Time share so students could see what other groups had created!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Birthday Graph & Light Box

This week we learned all about our birthdays. We colored and cut out cakes with our birthdays on it, and we learned about all the months in a year with a fun song. Then, we made a big graph showing all of our birthdays organized by month. It was fun to see how many people had a birthday in each month.
We also learned about a new center in our class, the light box center. Here we can explore with colors and shapes over light. We can create our own pictures and stories using the shapes. It's fun to use our imaginations to create! What would you make?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Exploring Our Classroom Materials

This week we have been exploring the different materials and books in our classroom. 
We are learning how to use the materials and exploring what we can do with them. 
In the pictures you can see students exploring magnet letters by using them to sort and spell names. Students have also used wikki sticks to make different shapes and letters. We also learned about how to organize our library by exploring what we noticed about the kinds of books we have in our class. In music class with Ms. Kim we explored using drums to follow a beat. We also explored play dough by making our own batch to play with. We are super explorers! We are ready to have a fun year!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Team Work Puzzles!

Welcome to Kindergarten! We are exploring with materials and learning how to play together in our classroom. Today we practice team work and communication using puzzles. We worked on different puzzles with our friends at our tables. We noticed how it helps to work together and take turns sharing ideas. We completed the puzzles together!!! Good job teams!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kindergarten Optometrists: Exploring Our Vision!

A few months ago, a routine vision screening at school turned into so much more as students became very curious about their experiences.

When we returned from the vision screening, students were very curious as to why they had to have their eyes checked at school . We began to chart our questions. "Why do we have to cover one eye while reading the chart?". "Why did we have to stand far away from it?" "How come some of the letters on the chart are small, and some a big?" Students were also curious about the "color tracing" tasks that they had to do.

            After writing down and talking about our questions, we made an appointment to visit with the optometry assistants that visit the schools to do screenings. Students were able to answer our questions. We learned about how one eye can see differently from the other, and how sometimes it's harder to see smaller letters. This way they can figure out if you need glasses. We also learned about how some people have trouble seeing colors, and how we can test that.

           We observed our eyes closely and did sketches of our eyes. We looked at eye diagrams and learned about the different parts of the eye and what they can do. After that, our optometry screeners gave us a great surprise! Our very own vision chart and eye covers! We decided together that we could make an optometry center and help check each other's vision. We loved playing both the patient and the eye doctor!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Earth Day at TALES!

Our class had a great time learning about being green at the TALES Earth Day Symposium. First, we learned about different kinds of pollution and how it hurts the Earth, people and animals. Then we learned about ways that each of us can help the Earth by recycling, reusing and saving energy. We played a recycle sort game and learned about all the different things that can be recycled. Then we planted sunflower seeds and learned how to take care of them. We also learned about compost and got to touch the worms! What a fun day!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Making Pizza!

Last week our class went on exciting trip to Pizzeria Uno, where we got to experience making our own pizzas! First, we spread the sauce over our pizza dough. the dough was already rolled out for us in a circle. 
 Next, we sprinkled the cheese over the pizza. We loved putting on extra cheese! Next, our pizzas were put in the oven. The oven was very, very hot! Last, we ate our pizzas, Yum!! Everybody loves pizza!

When we got back to our class we made a book about making pizza together. We wrote out all the steps and practiced our next vocabulary and sequence words ( first, next, then, last) Next we will be writing about other things we know how to do! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy 100th Day!

 Our Kindergarten students are 100 days smarter! This past week we celebrated our 100th day of school in a variety of fun a meaningful ways. Students made a necklace of 100 pieces of cereal and counted them out on 100s charts. We sang a song and read a poem with 100 words. We also read a book called One Hundred Hungry Ants. During writing, we wrote about what we would buy for 100 dollars and what we could eat 100 of. We ended the day with special 100th day centers and games such as chutes and ladders, making a paper chain with 100 links, making a book of 100 animals and building with 100 cubes. Fun was had by all!

Here students are proudly sharing their 100th day collection projects. Thank you to parents for all the help at home.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Creation Station!

Our class has begun a new choice time center, the Creation Station! Here, our young engineers can use found open- ended materials and use their imaginations to create. 

 First, students explore the possible materials in the Creation Station bin. We've collected objects for reuse from around our school and at home. They imagine what it could be, and think about what they want to make. 

 Next, students think about what other tools and materials they may need. Glue, tape, scissors and string are all available for independent use. Going through this process allows students to experience trial and error along the way. Students can be encouraged to brainstorm new ways to try it by talking through problems with teachers and peers. 
Sketching and writing about our ideas can help us as well. Here, a student made a phone using a tube, string and small cups.  

Lastly, students share their creations with the class and we display them before taking them home. Students can choose to work at this center for an extended period of time. On the right, a student made a rocket with a detailed sketch. Another student made a parachute! So, let's use our imaginations! What can you create?

Friday, January 6, 2017

We Made Soup!

                   It's been pretty chilly around here, and we've been warming up by making our own vegetable soup! First, we read the classic tale Stone Soup. After talking about the story, we thought about what we would want in our own soup. We made a list together and chose what we would want. 


              Next, we took a walking trip to our local supermarket and bought the ingredients on our list. Our teachers helped us to wash and cut the vegetables. Then students were able to put everything into the pot and watch it cook throughout the day. We tasted the soup together and made a class book about the experience. 


                  After having the experience of visiting the Supermarket, students were inspired to create a Supermarket center. We prepared labels and price tags for the food we would sell. Students love to visit the Supermarket center and shop!