Friday, September 19, 2014

A Super Week in September!

 It was another full week of school and our class was working on exploring and learning to use all the materials in our classroom.

 In our first exploration of the week, we learned about  all the different things we could do with play dough. We learned how to roll, squish, and make letters with our play dough. 

 We also explored painting with water colors. We made beautiful water color name paintings.
We learned how to use our dry erase markers and boards. It was fun writing our new sight words on the boards.In music, students learned how to keep a beat on the big drum with Ms. Kim. Now that's a big drum!!

We also had a visitor this week. The Lysol Healthy Habits bus visited our school. We got to learn about germs and how they get on our hands. We learned how to wash our hands properly. You can practice this at home! We don't want germs to get us sick!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Our First Full Week of Kindergarten

 Class K-205 had a wonderful first full week of school! We read many books about school, sharing, and team work. The bookshelf on our class blog will feature the books we have been reading. Here are some of the fun activities we have done:

Our class has been learning new bean bag games. We practice many vocabulary words in our bean bag games - we can shake our bean bags above, below, and under!

During our Word Study time we are working on learning all of the letters in our names. We made construction paper confetti name posters, and practiced using our new glue, too!

During math centers we are working on exploring all of our math materials. We noticed how some students sorted by color or shape, while others made patterns. We shared all of our ideas for what we could do with our materials.