Thursday, September 29, 2016

Building Up Choice Time- From Scratch!

Choice Time is a special time of the day where our young Kindergarten students get to explore, invent and create together. Our class is working on building up the choice time centers together, introducing one at time.

 We made our play dough for the play dough center from scratch together in a whole group. We read the recipe and made a flow map showing all the steps. Students helped to pour, mix, and squish our dough together! We them explored some different things we can do with our play dough - rolling it into skinny snakes, round balls, and flattening it into pancakes!

In the block center, students worked on using team work and communication to build something together, one block at a time. We shared our ideas for block center rules. Then we shared ideas for what we were going to build and each child had an opportunity to select a block and add to our castle. After building it together, we practiced clean up procedures. I wonder what our class will be creating in the block center this year!

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