Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Springtime Activites in K-205

Spring has finally sprung.. and we have got a spring in our step here in K-205!
This month we are beginning to learn about animals through observing and reading non-fiction books together. We are also learning how to ask questions and thinking about what we wonder.  In this picture - students observe a picture of a tadpole and did detailed drawings of it. We thought about questions we had about tadpoles - "How do they grow into frogs?" , "What do they eat?" and "Where do they live?" are a few of the questions we asked!

We also have been observing different kinds of flowers blooming and learning about them. In class this week we planted our very own marigold seeds. We will have to be patient and take care of them while we wait for them to grow. 
 During literacy centers we played a fun game by making words with colorful eggs. We can mix and match word beginnings and endings.  We can make real words and nonsense words!

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